The Reel Inovators

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The Reel Inovators

AK REELS is constantly striving to improve and introduce new products to meet the increasing demand for applications for our retracting reel systems.
Customisation to meet demand driven applications. In 2023 AK Reels is looking to introduce a new Recycled PVC garden hose as part of our program to reduce waste.

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Exceptional customer service; prompt responses throughout the whole process and everyone I interacted with was highly professional. Great quality product that is locally made. Will definitely continue doing business with them.

Lisa Vergadin

I have owned an AK Reels EASYHOSE garden reel for over 5 years and it is still going strong. I was just ordering another one online and discovered they make CUSTOM MADE reels

Sussana Jay

Thanks for being such a great supplier over the years team! Highly recommended for quality, skill, professionalism and reliability! Definitely one of our favourite suppliers, thanks heaps team! You guys are fantastic

Mike Smith